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e-BO Enterprises concludes partnership with Dedrone e-BO Enterprises.
High walls and camera surveillance in heavily guarded prisons lose their value when the airspace is exposed. In order to guarantee the safety of the prisons, e-BO Enterprises and Dedrone work together to fight the possible danger of civilian drones.
Cybersecurity Threats, BVLOS Flight and More Lawsuits: Dedrone Makes 2018 Predictions for Airspace Security Market DRONELIFE.
Dedrone Retains Retired Lieutenant General Keith Walker as Strategic Advisor. Dedrone Looks To Capture U.S. Dedrone Enters into Agreement with WWT to Provide Airspace Security Toolkit. Tags: airspace security airspace security market Anti-drone technology DeDrone drone data Drone Detection drone laws Drone Privacy Drone Security FAA.
Dedrone raises 10 million to detect aerial intruders TechCrunch.
Dedrone does not sell data it gathers to any third party, but sends early warnings and daily reports of drone activity to customers. Dedrone sells its systems through partnerships with physical security providers such as Booz Allen Hamilton or Bosch Security Systems.
Dedrone Launches DroneTracker 3 UAS VISION.
Dedrone is constantly innovating ahead of the market to provide customers with the most accurate and timely drone detection reporting. This is why they have been able to maintain a wide margin as the leader in airspace security providers, shares John Chambers, Dedrone investor and Executive Chairman of Cisco.
Airbus et DeDrone vont sécuriser les aéroports contre les drones.
Dernier exemple en date le premier constructeur aéronautique au monde, Airbus. Le groupe vient dengager les services de Dedrone, une société de sécurité anti-drones. Du même acabit que le fusil anti-drones de larmée américaine, DeDrone offre toutefois une solution complète avec tout un arsenal de technologies pour répondre au plus vite et automatiquement aux menaces.
Dedrone Accueil Facebook.
Read here for more information on our customer growth, retention and wins, product launches, company expansion and Series B fundraising, led by John Chambers and Felicis Ventures: https// Dedrone News Airspace Security Market Leader Dedrone Showcases Record-Breaking 2017 Sales and Customer Successes.
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3994, views 6 months ago. A short introduction to the Dedrone solution, including our DroneTracker software connected to multiple sensors for detection and classification of drone-based threats. Learn more about our complete solution to stop unauthorized drones: https// Show less.
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View all Press. Dedrone Secures World Economic Forum Annual Meeting from Drone Threats. January 29, 2018. See what's' new by reading our latest blog posts. Dedrone Verizon Share Insights on Airspace Security Risks During Natural and Manmade Catastrophes. February 15, 2018.

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